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When we say on the job training, we mean the actual investment of time, resources and money into training an employee. But why should a company invest in such an expensive package for returns that may or may not happen?

Let’s first break this down. It is not as expensive as replacing employees who have left due to the pressure of not acquiring the expected level of proficiency.

Another expensive loss would be losing clients because your employees were not trained with the targeted and required skills.

However, if your employees are coached for acquiring the specific skills required for the job, they will help the company grow. This means long term returns. So, practice smart investing.

On the Job Training is like Therapy

Sounds strange but true. You as the Founder, CEO, or the Director need to understand that your company was once a small sapling. Every time you pour water into it, you make sure that the sun is shining and the soil is just right. This is how on-the-job training works. It’s a combination of specific skills coaching, ensuring the availability of training resources, and providing the right amount of time to learn.

Once the company is growing, there are going to be newer challenges and new people joining the team. They come with a background of knowledge and skills. Although their degree matches the job description, are they skill-ready to work at YOUR organization?

This is why it is important to nurture your employees’ skills and abilities. This would be like therapy to your organization.

Learning through Experience at Work is different from On the Job Training

Enhanced work abilities during real-time work projects come with making costly mistakes and losing clients. This cannot be termed as on-the-job training.

An on-the-job training uses learning methods that are aimed at teaching the employee within a controlled environment. If you give them the chance to learn, they become more confident and less anxious when at the work place.

Strategic approaches can be used like e-learning, mentoring and LMS training, among others. This is a smart way of retaining your employees at the organization.They know that there is more opportunity here to get better as a working professional, including ongoing promotions.

There are definitely more ways to conduct on-the-job training. This does not promise that all the employees you train will be retained on a long-term basis at your organization. However, you can only go uphill from here if you opt for this strategic and guaranteed approach.

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