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“Practicing Mindfulness bring clarity of thoughts” – We have spoken about it in earlier posts AND don’t you think it would be much better if we Practice Mindful Walking in the open to have a better clarity.

Well it should work ! Lets see how.

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The Meaning of Mindful Walking

Mindful Walking is the art of walking with full awareness. Awareness about our own surroundings and it certainly is not limited to walking only. Whenever you step outside your home either for a walk, or using your car/vehicle or even riding a bicycle, one thing remains common – the route you are likely to follow.

Remember your purpose is to bring Clarity through Mindful Walking!

An Example for you to follow

Say for example, you travel to your office daily and follow a certain route to your destination. Next time, when you do this, consciously prepare your mind to be open & observant. Better still, make a note before leaving, that today you are going to observe at least 5 things on your way to office.

This is the beginning ! You start observing little things like counting turns before you actually hit the main road. You may be knowing it but preparing your mind to count will keep your mind to focus on the turns. This is getting closer to Mindfulness & eventually clarity of thoughts.

Be Observant

The other thing that you would want to observe is the traffic post/police post on your way and see which guy mans that post. Keep observing him for a few days & his image will start to etch in your mind. So whenever you would see him somewhere else, your mind will trigger that image & you will instantly remember the guy from the traffic post. This exercise will keep your mind on observant mode(Mindful) & that’s when you would start building your mind strength to be observant most of the times.

Clarity is your Right

Now how does this help you? When you start observing things around you, your mind gets preoccupied & essentially it leaves little or no room for the unwanted thoughts to cave in. Remember, its unwanted thoughts(thoughts those add no value to you) that occupy most part of your mind & most of the times, you get swayed by some of them into an uncharted territory, leaving a bad taste. The after effects of swaying with a bad/unwanted thought eventually takes a toll on your mind & restricts clarity. Another step towards Mindfulness!

Create your Own Examples for Mindful Walking

When you go out for a walk, start observing the trees & plants on your way & chances are you might come across a sight where you would say ” I haven’t seen this before” inspite of the fact you take the same route everyday for a walk. This will help you mind stay preoccupied & once you start getting into the habit of observance, your mind status will start to change for better Clarity.


Why do you need your mind to think clearly? It’s a no-brainer already. Because when you start training your mind for clarity, you get empowered to make wise & quick decisions, your aren’t a slave anymore of your thoughts, you get a purpose, a direction and much more.

See, we are already living in a society/environment which, at times, acts like a pressure cooker situation. Too much is building up inside of us & we must know a way to cleanse ourselves. Mindfulness, if done with a dedication on a regular basis, can create a path for you to walk steadfast. The choice is ofcourse YOURS!

If you don’t know where to start, you can get in touch with me on Image Linkedin | Demystifying Mindfulnessor else, you can find a suitable trainer/coach to help you at The Trainer Network TNW

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