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Manish Bhatia
Author: Manish Bhatia

Certified Mindfulness Trainer

Mindfulness is more than just a trendy fad!

Mindfulness has been around for over 2500 years, and it was not called a fashion statement or just a trendy fad. It is only recently that mindfulness became popular in the western world. Because it’s still a new concept.

Many people have seen the benefits of mindfulness and want to adopt this lifestyle but don’t know where to start.

It has existed in different forms and cultures, but the problem is that it’s not well-known outside of its native countries.

I think it’s because we are still looking for the magic pill. We want to be good at something without having to put in the work, and mindfulness is not about that. Probably, because people are not aware , hence not convinced and therefore, Mindfulness appears to be just a trendy fad.

Mindfulness in true sense

  • Mindfulness is about taking control of your thoughts and feelings.
  • It’s about being aware and accepting the world for what it is, not trying to change it.
  • Mindfulness is a lifestyle, and it’s not something that you can master overnight.

Certainly not a Magic Wand or A trendy Fad either

I think many people want to experience the benefits of mindfulness without having to put in the work.

The problem with this mindset is that you will never get anywhere if you don’t do the work first. It’s about being present, which means that you have to be aware of the things that are going on around you.

What it should mean to you

  • It doesn’t mean that you need to stop everything that is happening in your life and focus on one thing. It’s about finding the balance between “DOING and “BEING”.
  • Take some time for yourself in order to be more productive and effective in your daily life. It is not just about being mindful; it’s also about being present with whatever you are doing at that moment.
  • This is about the practice of being present, and the work that comes with it. It’s not easy, but it is rewarding.

A busy mother of two kids says “Despite having less time on hand, I have been practicing mindfulness for years now and can easily say that it has changed my life in a positive way.”

Do you now understand that “Mindfulness is more than just a trendy fad?”

I may not have become a different person, but certainly have become a better version of myself.

And the best part is that it can happen for you too if you practice mindfulness regularly.

She is working full-time and running her own business and it’s hard for her to find time to take care of herself.

Some Real Time Tips

She is keen to share some of the tips that helped her a lot in her journey towards being more mindful:

  • Learn & practice to be present with your thoughts, feelings and emotions.
  • Whatever the situation may be, take a deep breath, it calms you instantly & give you more power to think & act (read handle the situation).
  • Learn to be more present and aware of the world around you. It’s BEAUTIFUL.
  • Learn to acknowledge your thoughts and feelings without letting them control you.
  • Learn how to let go of things “that are not important in order to focus on what is important.”

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