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If you’re in the sales team, the craft of selling is ever-evolving. There’s always a new way of doing things because you are directly dealing with the customer. The more you talk to people, the better you get at making great conversations. The more experience you gain based on the skills you use.

So, what are the necessary soft skills for the sales team in particular? We’re here to share a few important ones. The last one is a skill so paramount that you can’t do without it. But each and every skill is interconnected, so please don’t skip to the end.

  • Wear the Shoes of a Different Size

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes. This is the best way to practice the skill of Empathy. If you don’t understand the customer’s pain points then you really can’t convince them to buy the product or service that you are selling.

  • Be the Director of Emotions

For this, you need to practice the skill of Emotional Intelligence. First identify the emotion of the customer; anger, frustration, disappointment, joy even! Then use these emotions to navigate the conversation accordingly. It is important to recognize their mood. Imagine if you thought they were happy but they are actually frustrated or the reverse situation.

  • Use the Right Tone

The customer can see you smile during a phone conversation. This is why it is advisable to smile while talking. Learn to do this as part of your communication skills training. Your tone automatically changes when you’re speaking with a smile.

Also, allow your tone to be respectful, and understanding with the customers. Yes, customers can be very annoying. It’s only because you are not the first salesperson to call them on a Monday or on a lazy afternoon.

  • Sales Calls are not about CONSTANTLY TALKING

If you can’t listen to the customer first then you better start meditating. You need to practice active listening skills. You can’t talk sense if you do not understand the customer’s perspective. Try not to conquer, rather be a part of the conversation. Let the customer hand over their problems to you so that you can give them a lasting solution.

  • Be Positive

This is one of the most important soft skills for the sales team – optimism. There are going to be disappointments and rejections more than successful sales meet-ups with clients. There is no trick here. You just have to put on your positivity hat to avoid sliding into a downhill depressive state.

At every point of rejection, you will learn so many useful lessons that you will always be geared better for the next call as compared to the previous one. Remember, it’s not easy, it never is but it does get better.

We hope these soft skills for the sales team will make you great at selling. If you practice and apply these skills at work then you will reach greater heights and earn that deserving promotion. A little guidance will only do you good, so connect with us if you need training for soft skills.

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