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Many organisations secretly don’t want to conduct management training for their existing employees. They conveniently ignore the benefits of having a management training program.

As result, some employees are elevated to management levels without giving them the training they deserve. What happens after this? Employees make management blunders that lead to irreversible monetary loss. An organisation stands the risk of losing existing clients. What’s more? The reputation of the organisation is at stake. This is not the employee’s fault, although they are often blamed.

‘Learning on the job’ can be taken in two ways by organisations.

One, let the employee self-train through experience of successes and failures. Constantly pressurize the employee to do better without training them.

Two, train existing employees who are stepping up to management level.

Which is better?

An organization is responsible for training its existing employees, failing to do so will lose out on long term advantages.

Benefits of having a Management Training Program

If you think training your employee is costly, here are three benefits that will change your mind.

  • A Happy Employee is Loyal

Most organizations believe that if they train their employees, there are chances of them moving on to other organizations. This only holds true if you are keeping the employee unhappy, blaming them for every blunder at work and not giving incentives or appraisals as promised. Give them benefits for their work done, talk to them with respect and resolve their grievances. This will encourage them to be loyal to the company and dedicated.

  • Training Existing Employees is Cost-beneficial

Hiring someone new or replacing an old employee can actually be costlier than training an existing employee. This is because training an existing employee involves solely the cost of training. Whereas, training a new hire includes training cost, training time, recruitment costs, and time required to adjust to the new office environment.

  • Employees tend to Work Hard and Smart

When the employee is trained with the necessary soft skills to help them manage work, they become emotionally confident. A trained employee is geared toward performing tasks efficiently and without stress. This is because a task done well will boost their morale. They also gradually figure out different but effective ways to perform the same task. This would take a longer time to achieve for a new employee as compared to an existing one.

When organizations recognize the benefits of having a management training program, they are already on their way to preventing costly management mistakes. Conducting group training in-person may be difficult. Therefore, online management training programs for leadership training can be achieved. Let ‘learning on the job’ be all about investing in existing employees for better and cost-effective results.

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