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When we talk about financial independence and stability, it is important that we are discussing this as a holistic concept. Not only is it important for men and women to get financial stability, but we need to recognize that there are differences in the male and female perspectives and how this impacts their points.

This blog aims to discuss this issue and identify how the underlying factors are different for men and women.

Rise above your debts

“It takes money to make money”,

is an adage that is absolutely true. Financial independence is a state where you have enough money in your investment accounts, as well as having no debt, to live off of for the rest of your life.

Achieving financial independence is a goal for many, but for some it is even more important, because there are societal expectations that blame the victim for financial instability.

Many women do not consider the financial aspect of their lives until the issue arises. The fact that financial independence is a privilege, that most women are never taught about until it is too late, is a serious issue.

Though financial independence is important to both men and women, women are more likely to benefit from it, as they are becoming more equal to men financially.

The Underlying Factors

  • Many professions that have become female-dominated have become lower paid. Even more unfortunate, when women start to dominate a field, the average pay in that field tends to decline.
    • This is due to devaluation, meaning that the work done by women is devalued.
  • Even though more women are entering into the workforce, they still spend more time doing unpaid household and caregiving activities. This can take away from their time at work, affecting the amount of hours they work and the type of jobs they hold. There is a lack of workplace support for women, which can further exacerbate these issues.
  • Marital and family status play a role in the gender wage gap. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), in 2017 full-time single workers who have never married have the smallest gender wage gap.
    • Single women earn 91.3% of what married men earn. Minor Pay Gap of just 8.7% .
  • ​Marriage generally has a negative effect on women’s earnings, and this effect is amplified for married women working full time.
    • Married women earn 78.5% of what married men earn. Major Pay Gap of 21.5%.
  • ​Being a mother also generally has a negative effect on women’s earnings.
    • Married women who have minor children at home earn 79.2% of what married men with children earn. Another Major Pay Gap of 20.8%.
A stock market chart is being shown on a mobile screen representing that investing in stock market may lead to financial independence
Photo by Jeremy Bezanger on Unsplash

The stock market has an opportunity for women to grow their own wealth and advance their own opportunities. The next time you hear someone talking about financial independence, don’t forget that it’s just as important for women as it is for men!

The most important aspects of a person’s life are those that make them feel like they’re in control of their lives. Financial stability and the ability to make decisions is one aspect that is important to both sexes.

While men are traditionally in charge (this is changing rapidly though) of their families’ financial structures, both men and women benefit from having knowledge in the stock market. With the right knowledge and actions, financial independence is possible for everyone!


If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of becoming financially independent, don’t worry. We can help you figure out what steps to take next. Commit to taking some small steps toward financial independence this month and see how you feel.

The more often you make these small commitments, the easier it will become to stay on track and reach your goal of financial independence. And remember, there are many benefits to being independent! You can do whatever you want with your money without having to answer to anyone else.

What have you committed to doing this month?

Financial independence is mandatory for both men and women, “important” is a passé. It is not just about the money, it is also about the freedom that comes with it.

Some Simple Tips to Financial Independence

There are many ways to achieve financial stability, but here are some tips that can help you get started:

  • Start saving as soon as possible.
  • Set a goal and figure out how much you need to save each month to reach it.
  • Create a budget and track your spending habits.
  • You should start investing in your future by buying stocks or starting a small business.

Thank you for reading! Hope you find this article informative. We have been writing about Gender Equality quiet a lot here as well as on our social media channels too.

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