7 rules to set up a Master Performance Review System

Last updated on August 23rd, 2023 at 02:23 pm

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The objectives of Performance Management is to ensure that staff who work in organisations, work to the best of their ability.

Setting up the Performance Management System

This is done by having managers and staff  sitting down together working through their job, looking for what their role is and identifying key objectives that they have to achieve during the year.

With that, ensuring they have key competencies and they have development plan for their success.

Whose Responsibility is it anyway?

I think fundamentally there are several people responsible for performance in organisations CEO, Chief Executive, whoever the leader is must be committed to the idea, that performance is important.

With that, they now must make sure that their managers ensure that every staff member, including themselves, have a performance plan and in turn that all staff members must ensure that they preform to the best of their ability.

And have the ability to review their own performance as well

Role of HR

Finally the HR department really need to encourage and help people to setup for success and in order to make sure it is working correctly.

The main reasons why people do not preform well are, they don’t know WHAT they have to do,WHEN to do it, HOW to do it and WHY.

And that is often the case because they don’t really get a good induction at the start when they join the department.They don’t have a regular reviews with their line manager and they don’t get regular feedback.

And without feedback people really can’t improve.

So I say, what is really important for performance managers is having feedback on a regular basis.They often say that

‘Feedback is the Food of Champions’.

All new things change. Unfortunately, adults as we are, we tend to resist change So, I think you have to make sure in developing new performance management program or process you have to get staff involved from day one to explain what its here to do,why are we doing it.

Making sure that managers can break down barriers and communicate to staff about the importance and then keeping it going.

Quite often what happens is people introduce performance management and then they don’t support it. So, by good support, good involvement by staff it can be very successful!

Communication is the Key

three men sitting while using laptops and watching man beside whiteboard giving them instructions on performance management review

The first most important step is that a manager and staff member sit down and discuss the person’s job, their role in the department.Once they have done that, than they finalize the KRA’s.

What would they achieve during certain times of the year (monthly, quarterly,half yearly) – This needs absolute clarity & agreement and effective communication can easily bring this attribute.

Once that is done,then they need to look at how to get things are done.

The Agreement

  • What competence do they actually need?
  • Agree on those competencies.
  • Things like working along with people, cross functional teams, customers, service etc. needs to be discussed.
  • Regular Reviews to understand progress, areas that need improvements etc.
  • And then at the end of the year , a formal meeting yo assess the year round performance.
  • Apparaisal Time

Tangible Results

It has to be Measurable, because what gets measured gets done.It needs to be agreed between the Manager & his/her team member & everybody should have absolute clarity of the KRA.

KRA’s should be Realistic, so that the person with those skill sets has access to all the resources to get the job done.

Not to forget the Timelines – Recorded with both the Manager & his/her team, with a copy to HR.

Why some Employees need Coaching?

So for example, somebody who has high performance level & potential, they would be considered the real future leaders of the organisation and/or their department.

If there’s somebody who is high potential but not performing, then you actually need to coach and develop them to be Future-Ready.

On the other side you may have people who have lots of potential but actually are not performing at the moment,owing to a lesser experience, they need coaching too.

A worst case scenario is probably where you have people who have no potential and are not performing.

The Best solution is to counsel them & figure out their real strengths & be put on a job that compliments their strength.

How is your Performance Management System on a scale of 10?

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