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  • These Leadership Skills will make you a better Leader in Pandemic 2020
    The pandemic crisis is forcing business leaders to come up with new ways of working. In these drastic times, sustainability has become a glaring challenge. The world that once functioned in a traditional work environment is now gearing to adapt to remote working options. Managers, hence, must stick to certain leadership skills this year to Read more...
  • Your Heart has a Mind of its Own. What is it THINKING?
    You must not get emotional at work – it is just like saying a car must not break down in the middle of the desert. Our hearts too have a mind of their own which means that we are prone to emotional leaks even at work. This should not come as a shocker. This is Read more...
  • 3 Core Personality Development Tips You Can Learn In Ten Minutes
    You’ve climbed heights and are at your prime in life. Your job is demanding in both skills and interactions with colleagues, subordinates and clients. It’s not easy getting work done nor is it a run-of-the-mill to manage teams and their operations. This is where a personality development trainer can help you build or sharpen the Read more...
  • Webinar – Bullying & Cyberbullying Menace
    REGISTRATION OPEN Free Webinar by Kamal Aggarwal, Corporate Trainer & Coach along with Dr. Sombala Ningthoujam, HRM & Psychology Professor, NDIM Date : April 29,2020 Time : 5:00 PM to 6:15 PM Webinar Moderator : Nikhil Singh, Dean, ICGE-NDIM & CEO, ISCI Contact : +91-9582928789
  • Top 5 News from Forbes Desk
    The Trainer Network (TNW) is always searching for something good that can be shown to its members & the entire world. This time around we are experimenting with RSS Feeds & have chosen the feed from Forbes Desk
  • The Affirmation of Mindful Parenting to be Happy over 100 times
    What is Mindful Parenting & what are the Affirmations? To understand this, let’s deep dive briefly into “Mindfulness” – A practice that helps us to re-wire our brain network, understand our thoughts – positive, negative & the ones that come and go, help us in developing an empathetic attitude towards situations in general. It helps us to Read more...
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