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    Shyla Krishnamurthy

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    Neena R Nair

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    Tasneem M Bookwala

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    Pooja Rajora

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    Sunita Negi

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    Nikhil Desai

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    Indu Seth

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6 tips to start your Entrepreneurial Journey | The Trainer Network TNW

6 tips to start your entrepreneurial journey

Introduction Working on your own idea is an exciting and challenging experience and these 6 tips that can help guide you to start your entrepreneurial journey. Always remember, you have the power to make your dreams come true, but you also have to work hard in order to achieve them. Write a business plan A Read more…

Shrutika Sollapure | The Trainer Network TNW

Social Networking Etiquette

Pre-Covid or Present – Social Media has taken over our lives like never before. Everything & anything is possible and happening on Social Media. Is Social Networking Etiquette Mandatory? Are there any responsibilities that one must be aware of while being on a virtual platform? Social Media – A Technology, a platform that changed the Read more…

Teenage Diaries: Reltionships The Trainer Network TNW

Teenage Diaries: Relationships

Teenage – A Vulnerable age for sure. & their relationship diaries Also known as – Adolescence, transitional phase of growth and development between childhood and adulthood – Tricky isn’t it? As parents, we want a strong relational bond with our teens. But sometimes, despite our good intentions, we can be doing the very things that Read more…

Metphors in Script Writing | The Trainer Network TNW

Metaphors in Script Writing

Script Writing is an art, a game, which if you must play, should know the rules too. And The Metaphors play an integral part in a script. As we discussed Metaphors in Script Writing with Faizi Khan, we understood that there are 2 types of Metaphors – Static & Dynamic. She gave many examples of Read more…

NLP Event | The Trainer Network TNW

NLP & Daily Life Benefits

Back then, Neuro Linguistic Programming, popularly known as NLP, was considered a Fashion Statement (No due consideration to Daily Life Benefits). It worked then & it still is working but the change is that it’s much needed in today’s times. A necessity & not a Fad any more. Neuro Linguistic Programming, in layman terms, can Read more…


Overdrive on passion

In the last few months of the pandemic, I had gone into overdrive to achieve some of my goals, and I felt passionate to maintain a high level of productivity. Talking about happiness and well-being at work was so exciting that I didn’t realise it could also lead to burnout. I got caught up in Read more…


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