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    Nikita Baheti

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    Archana Shastry

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    Chitra Pillai

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    Dr. Aparna Sethi

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    Roopshree Surana

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    Priyanka Mahajan

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    Premsai Samontoray

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    Abhishek Sengupta

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    Anoma Modak

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    Navaz Hilloowala

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    Mandeep Singh Oberoi

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    Devanshi Parekh

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    Sonia Dubey Dewan, AICI CIP

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    Sailee Brahme

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    Mrs Pankaj Jamwal

Empty Nest Syndrome | The Trainer Network TNW

Reclaim Your Life – Empty Nest Syndrome

Empty Nest Syndrome isn’t a clinical diagnosis but a phenomenon. – Many people experience this in their lifetime, some knowingly and definitely it catches a lot of people unaware. – Have you heard about it before? Do you want to know how it effects certain lives and what needs to be done? We also didn’t Read more…

Yoga for Mental Being | The Trainer Network TNW

Yoga for Mental Well Being

Yoga is largely used mind-body intervention in today’s world. It is cost-effective and easy to apply for all age groups and socio-economic classes. Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute stated [Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute, 2010], ‘‘Yoga is the union of the body, mind, emotions and intellect’’. It offers benefits for mental, emotional and physical health. Read more…

Gender Bias | The Trainer Network TNW

Understanding Gender Bias in Everyday Life

Gender Bias can be/should be/is called as a preferential treatment to one gender over the other. Most of the time, it is suggested and not directly expressed – implicit in #nature.So what are the examples of Gender #Bias and how does it originate and does this impact your personal & professional life? To know all Read more…

Negativity | The Trainer Network TNW

Being tricked by your brain?

Do you ever find yourself stuck on something unpleasant that happened during your week? Most things may have gone well but your mind keeps going back to that one bad incident. Several studies indicate that there is an asymmetry in how our brain processes positive and negative events. It responds more intensely to negative stimuli. Read more…

Storytelling | The Trainer Network

Storytelling: Behind-the-Scenes

TNW had a brilliant & insightful conversation with professional Storytellers Shefali Chopra, Meher Gehi & Shraddha Agarwaal, on Jan 12,2021 Before the session we had so many questions in mind to ask them & they did answer to each & every question and the audience was so engaging that they were completely in awe of Read more…

Image Consulting | The Trainer Network TNW

Image Consulting – Define NEW YOU!

TNW conducted the Discussion on Image Consulting – Define NEW YOU ! on January 05,2021 – In conversation with Parul Kaushal & Reba Coelho.The session was executed successfully and the audience found it extremely informative and engaging. 95% of the audience stayed till the end and it was an overwhelming feeling. Incidentally, the concept of Personal Branding is and Read more…


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