The Lazy Motivation by Ramneet Singh Kalra

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Here is a brief summary of the Book, directly from the Author:


“Life is full of ups and downs. Sometimes, a friend or a family member may help us but most of the times we have been left alone.
Consider this book as your friend, who will answer all your questions. 

Always remember,
“No one is perfect – that's why pencils
have erasers.” …


"The Lazy Motivation is not just another motivational book. It inspires you to question your situation and demand an answer. It is a journal for you where you can jot down your negative feelings, issues and try to find out a path for yourself. It questions your abilities and breaks down your problems one by one. It also explains how your thoughts mold your personality, and how that personality drives you to take action and determines the type of action you'll take. It is based on the concept that you should never be a sob story in front of others, no matter how you are feeling as this can complicate matters instead of resolving them and how to break down your problems in small parts. It also describes the MeTime as your own time; in which you can find all the answers easily. “



The Lazy Motivation

Ramneet Singh Kalra


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