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Topic of Discussion: It's Tambola Time !

Date & Time: May 1,2021, 11:30AM India Time

LIMITED SEATS. First-come-First-Serve Basis.

Chair: Manish Bhatia

Rules & Instructions:

  1. Please FILL YOUR DETAILS carefully & correctly.
  2. You will receive your TICKETS in your mail between April 29th & 30th.
  3. Please take a PRINTOUT of the tickets to play.
  4. Minimum 1 ticket per person & Maximum 5 tickets per person.
  5. LIMITED SEATS. Registration open on First-Come-First-Serve Basis.
  6. Registration Closes on April 30 12PM or ON FULL SEATS, whichever is earlier.
  7. The Winners will be announced at the End of Game.
  8. The Game Rules will be declared/announced before the start of Game on May 1st,2021.
  9. TNW holds no responsibility for wrong details filled by the registrant.




Let's Play Tambola

for receiving prize money, should you win
Price per ticket is INR 50/- *Max 5 Tickets per person
Total to pay:
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Past Events:

Social Media & My Responsibilities - By Shrutika Sollapure on April 20,2021

Teenage Diaries: Relationship - Conducted on Apr 13,2021 with Sarmeet Khurana

Metaphors in Script Writing: Conducted on Apr 6,2021 with Faizi Khan

NLP & Daily Life Benefits: Conducted on Mar 16,2021 with Achla Bhardwaj

First Ever TNW Summit: Conducted on March 6-7,2021 with 11 Speakers

Fingerprints - Your Brain Map : Conducted on Feb 16,2021 with Kamal Agarwal

Change Belief - Change Personality - Change Life : A discussion on Organizational Behavior on Feb 9,2021 with Aasthaa Dewan

Reclaim Your Life: Understanding the Empty Nest Syndrome, conducted on Feb 2,2021 with Prita Dheer

A Food Styling Workshop was organized with Food Stylist Sthubnta Mukherjee, on Jan 27,2021

Understanding Gender Bias in Everyday Life - Jan 19,2021 with Dr. Aparna Sethi & Shruti Swaaroop

Jan 12,2021 - A Conversation on Storytelling:Behind-the-Scenes with Meher Gehi, Sharaddha Agarwaal & Shefali Chopra

First event of 2021 was on Image Consulting - Define NEW YOU ! with Parul Kaushal & Reba Coelho, on Jan 5,2021

Event on Importance of Emotional Intelligence on Dec 29,2020 with Devapriya Khanna & Lata Singh

Event on PoSH curated by TNW on Dec 22,2020 with Asiya Shervani & Raadha Sharma

TNW Promoted a unique Workshop on Business Communication, curated by a fellow Trainer Monika Tandon

& it reached 6846 people over 7 days.

TNW Promoted a book written by a fellow Trainer Ramneet Singh Kalra

& it reached 1,69,744 people over a period of 30 days!


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