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A joinee is an interesting phase for the company. The employer and current employees both look to the new hire with intrigue. This moment although professional denotes the beginning of a relationship. Depending on the type of orientation the new employee receives will define a lasting association or not with the organization.

Therefore, a guide to new employee orientation becomes a necessity in order to break the ice positively.

Responsibilities of the Organization During Employee Orientation

The organization is responsible for carrying out the orientation process. It is an important step; more like setting the base foundation for the joinee.

  • Get all the Documents Ready & Submitted

The HR department has to get all the documents ready for the employee before the joining date. This would include the offer letter, appointment letter, terms and conditions of working at the company, and the legal tax documentation, etc. This is a process that when done on time eases the employee into the new work environment. He or she can focus on getting to working for the company without having to stress about pending formalities.

  • Give Time for Greetings & Pleasantries

Given that some organizations are in a hurry to get their new hire on-board. It is imperative to understand that their work cannot begin full swing from day 1. There need to be introductions to current employees, different departments as well as the employers themselves. It’s a stressful day, obviously for the new hire. So, all those working at the office should take the initiative to start introducing themselves and welcome the new hire to make them feel comfortable.

  • Parking & Other Digital Access Inlets

Does the new employee use the car to travel or a bike? They need to be given immediate access for parking and also entering the office through the biometric system. Do note that during the pandemic, this type of access may not be required. However, giving other digital access inlets to the employee is necessary.

Within two days of the employee joining, ensure that he or she receives access to the hardware and software necessities. This means whatever pertains to their work and in the department, they work. They need to be given a brief of whom to report to and where they need to be most active.

  • Company’s Skillset Training Manual

Every company has its own set of skills that are expected from their employees. This holds true for the joinee as well. Therefore, make sure that they are aware of the skills required of them and surely, do not leave them hanging. Provide them with induction training of the new skills required from them.

The orientation process is a two-way street. The Organization and the new employee need to contribute equal interest in the same. The current employees, more importantly – the HR, the boss, the immediate reporting manager – all need to invest time in this process. It is an activity to not be taken lightly.

I hope this guide to new employee orientation proves helpful to the organization and to the new employee as well.

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