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The year 2019 saw a 14% rise in sexual harassment cases in India, according to India Inc Reports. This marks a rise in comparison to 2018. Reasons for this are mainly based on the awareness of PoSH rules and companies ensuring safer workplaces for women and men included.

It is, however, sadly noted that many organizations still do not realize the critical role PoSH training holds for employees and employers alike. Hence, the need of the hour, disappointedly, does not call for a PoSH trainer to help set the norm of working under conducive and preventive rules. Again, there are two reasons attributed to this scenario. While some organizations think that training or educating employees will only lead them to raise concerns at the slightest of incidents, there are others that think that such cases of harassment will not take place in their company.

So, let’s talk about why PoSH training is required for any organization.

Why Should Your Organization Consider PoSH Training?

PoSH or Prevention of Sexual Harassment is a means to educating employers and employees of the inclusive acts of being inappropriate at work. It is mandatory for any employer with more than 10 employees in India to provide PoSH training to employees. This is a legal mandate which if not conducted can involve a penalty to the organization.

As mentioned, some believe that there is no point in conducting training sessions for the prevention of sexual harassment at work. One must, however, be aware that not many employees join companies in a state of pre-awareness. Some would not even realize when they are being inappropriate with a colleague. This can lead to some serious miscommunications and even disputes at work which can only get worse if not addressed immediately by the organization.

PoSH training, therefore, becomes a valuable tool to help spread awareness and help prevent unforeseen incidents at work.

What does PoSH training include

  • A PoSH trainer educates the employee about the best behavioral and communication practices.
  • They train managers to practice gender equality.
  • The Internal Committee (IC) of the organization is also trained on how to manage complaints and sort out conflicts.

PoSH training is of utmost importance in order to reduce and possibly prevent to a larger scale the conflicts caused through sexual harassment. To know more about how a PoSH trainer can help create an equitable workspace, visit our website or let us get in touch with you.

“An organization that creates a safe environment for all its employees is one that is most productive.”

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