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TNW conducted the Discussion on PoSH ( Prevention of Sexual Harassment) today – In conversation with Asiya Shervani & Raadha Sharma.The session was executed successfully and the audience found it extremely informative and engaging.95% of the audience stayed till the end and it was an overwhelming feeling.

Sharing an excerpt from the Live Discussion below. Please visit.

Video Snippet from PoSH Discussion on December 22,2020

The audience was so engaged & inquisitive & had asked lot of questions & we are happy to post them here for your consumption & understanding.

Questions asked by Audience during PoSH Discussion on Dec 22,2020

Answers provided by : Raadha Sharma

1.       Amala Raghu: Even creating hostile environment at work can be included

Ans: Working environment makes Employee Happy and Productive. If morning when you wake up and don’t feel like going to work and it’s become regular it means something is wrong. In other words something wrong about total actions which are unpleasant.

 Here we need to understand what is unpleasant if it is boss scolding due to business goals is not illegal but demand favor for same is illegal. Self expression is not illegal till it cross its limits for wants.

So Hostile environment includes Physical and emotional insulting or abusiveness, when comments involve physical touch. Shame culture can create hostile environment Employees who take advantage of their coworkers’ weaknesses fail to create a teamwork environment where the business succeed. This behavior can happen to the person’s face or as a backstab.

2.       Reena Srinivas: What about body shaming and jokes made by men together & laughing in a woman’s presence?

Teasing girl about her body. It’s not funny it’s just crossing the thin line between “Fun & Insult”  We need to stop messages about body shaming in advertisement media.

The victim feels hurt and ashamed of the body gifted by God.

If you remember one TV Serial “Jassi Jaise Koi Nahi”

What to do:

Respect your body and Love as its.

Look into the Mirror and be happy

Know when to walk away from the place if conversation involved does not make you feel good.

Encourage empathy and inspire others

Accept mind your own shape

3.       Shweta Bakhshi: Hello mam. since now a day’s work has seen major shift now it’s from home. So under us new normal what kind of challenges Internal committee faces and how they solve issues related to PoSH. What kind of changes is expected in PoSH policy under new normal?

The first question comes during covid-2019 employees started working from remote sand on virtual platform with no physical contact so there will be no sexual harassment complaint, no it’s not like this, complaints were same??? Due to working from home sexual harassment has taken a different shape- Video Calls, More personal questions on social media, Late hours calls, so it all requires to change mindset as Home is now Our Office.

Yes, New norm at work place digitally has changed life. It’s time to educate our employees should understand new policy which has essential to align the posh policy with new procedure for filing complaint online, revised intern reliefs and manner of conducting enquiry

It’s time now our IC should know the new procedure to handle virtual working of posh law.

Not only for IC has only its duty of senior management also known their role to provide Safe Virtual Workplace.

4.       Chethana: What is the best course of action a woman should take, when she is publicly harassed? Whom should she approach first? What if one of the top management is a perpetrator/ part of the gang that’s shaming her in the guise of ‘harmless fun’?

Obviously publically harassed leads to hostile environment, Taking first action is depending upon by whom you get harassed?

Once your CEO or boss starts discussing sex or makes a pass at you, you should do all that you can to preserve the communications: texts, emails, voicemail, pictures, etc. should be carefully kept along with a log of all inappropriate sexual behavior you have been subjected to, whether inside or outside of the office.

If CEO is involved one feels shock but one need to know your safety rights much approach lawsuit. Case can be reported to either Nearby Police station or an NGO

5.       Pranita Hankare: humiliating woman by saying that,  you’re a woman you can’t perform a particular task and meant to be done by man.  is this covered under POSH?

Yes it covers under Posh

6.       Chethana: Also, when a man stares at woman’s breasts (helplessly, so it seems), even when she is talking to him, doesn’t that qualify for SH?

Yes, it covers under hostile environment. Staring to someone is harassment

7.       Shashikant upadhyay: Do you also agree that this act has also been misused to some extent as it gives Super empowerment to a female colleague over his male colleague or Supervisor/Manager. So what is the best preventive measure to ensure such misuse?

Dear Ma’am it is true women suit related laws are misused.  Women laws are given for protection not for misuse, Men also scare about the safety of what will happen if woman will use Posh act rights.

in many cases men are black mailed and asked for favors

It’s true that man will not punished immediately the complaint is filed. It’s really shocking that men fear to collaborate with female for business due to sexual harassment fear.

Preventive practices can be taken place by keeping Male external member in IC

well trained IC can take the case unbiased

There is provision of punishment for filing false complaint

8.       Anu Misra: tackle insult, belittling, pranksters, jokes, gossip, bully, two faced, attention seeker. small traits of a bigger problem

Yes Anu, its true, a smoke leads to fire; Physical and Verbal bully comes under Posh

Two face people are everywhere.

Pranksters, Cliques are part of harassment.

9.       Aparajita S: Request to share similar example for harassment and sexual harassment and consensual relationship.

Sexual Harassment— and Even a “Consensual” Sexual Relationship Can Be Actionable 

There should be line between appropriate and inappropriate Romantic relationship at workplace.

Some companies get sign contract under dating policy

one should practice issues after office hours.

The Full Video can be watched here at YouTube

Our Next Session is on Dec 29,2020 at 4PM and this time the discussion will be on “Importance of Emotional Intelligence”

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