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TNW conducted the Discussion on Imoortance of Emotional Intelligence on December 29,2020 – In conversation with Devapriya Khanna & Lata Singh.The session was executed successfully and the audience found it extremely informative and engaging.

95% of the audience stayed till the end and it was an overwhelming feeling.

Sharing an excerpt from the Live Discussion below. Please visit.

Some of the Questions asked by the Audience during the Session are:

Q. How do you arrange in ascending order the ’emotional intelligence’, ‘ethical intelligence’ and ‘technical intelligence’ while hiring professionals for the company/organization. and how can we judge the EI of a person in a short duration of interview?

Ans:There are EQ assessment that can help you measure the emotional intelligence of person while interview process

Q. What are the 5 Components of the process of Emotional Intelligence?




Internal Motivation.


Social skills.

Q. What are 3 E’s that one should know of & work upon?

Ans: Empathy
Emotional Intelligence
Executive Presence

Q. What is the difference between “Empathy” & Sympathy”?

Ans: Watch the Full Video here to know the answer

On Jan 5,2021, we concluded our 3rd Event & First for this New Year on another interesting topic of Image Consulting – Define NEW YOU! We will share the details about the event very shortly.

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