Manish Bhatia
Author: Manish Bhatia

Certified Mindfulness Trainer

P-A-I-D Reality

(P)ressure – In this fast paced life, we are always under pressure, be it professionally or on personal front. Sometimes we are busy without work too because we become habitual of the pressure & unknowingly, it takes a toll on our health & mind. Pre-occupation is dangerous.

(A)lways ON mode – We are in always ON mode – Referring to the digital age we are in, the constant notifications on our smartphones keeps ringing all day & night & we, in order to not miss something important, keep looking at it every time. We have started to bring home our office & these days, it’s difficult to comprehend & differentiate.

(I)nformation overload – the information flowing towards us does not qualify under the Pull mechanism anymore but instead it’s being pushed to us – irrespective of whether we need it or not. That keeps us occupied all the time.

(D)istraction – All of the above keeps us distracted at all time & our attention span is getting smaller day by day. When all of this happens, we become stressed – read (unwanted stress) & that’s today’s unfortunate (R)eality.

Clearly, this is the distinction between being MINDFUL OR MIND-FULL.

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