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Here goes the Story !

There lived a man, who had faced many struggles in his life. And when the tides changed, he became successful and made a lot of money.

All this while he had a dream. A dream to make a beautiful house. When he accumulated wealth, he fulfilled his dream by making one of the most beautiful houses in the town. A house, each time people see it, they were all praises.

One day he decided to take a break from all his work. He called his three sons & told them that he would be away for a while & they should take good care of not only the work but the house as well & left.

On his Return :

Months passed & upon his return, from far away, he saw a lot of crowd gathered outside his house. A crowd so big as if the entire town had come. He didn’t comprehend what was coming. When he reached closer, saw his house up in flames. Flames, so intimidating, that nothing can be done to save the house & he had to let go. YES, the same house, he was so attached to.

His heart sank & tears rolled down his cheeks, completely lost in thoughts. At that moment, his first son came rushing to him & told “ Father, there was a man looking to buy this house yesterday & offered thrice the price and I couldn’t resist but sold the house yesterday only.”

I am sorry about that but the offer was too tempting to refuse. The father listened to him very carefully & though it was his dream house, he eventually accepted the fact that the house no more belongs to him. In a way, he became happy that all is not lost.

Unfolding the Story :

The sides changed & he joined the rest of the crowd as the mute spectator to watch the house go up in flames.That’s when his other son came running & asked himFather the house is burning & you look happy and I thought it was your dream house”.

The father told him that his brother sold off the house at a very attractive price yesterday. To which, his son reacted & informed that he only paid a meagre advance  and now wouldn’t pay for the burnt house.

Consider the deal as cancelled.

Once again, he became sad & separated himself from the crowd & all kinds of thoughts started to dwell in his mind. He felt really uncomfortable & stressed.

This time, the third son came running & said ”Father, I just met the buyer & told him that the house is burnt but was surprised to hear from him that he would still buy the house at the agreed price & would stand by his commitment & paid me the entire amount.

The father was ecstatic to hear this. All the thoughts vanished from his mind & once again he was a happy person & joined the crowd as spectator.

The Conclusion :

Now, this is how our mind works. In this story,the base situation never changed(burning house) but the circumstances switched from “good-bad-good-bad-good.”

Once you consume this story, I would come back with another post with more insightful thoughts on how mind works.

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