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Back then, Neuro Linguistic Programming, popularly known as NLP, was considered a Fashion Statement (No due consideration to Daily Life Benefits).

It worked then & it still is working but the change is that it’s much needed in today’s times. A necessity & not a Fad any more.

Neuro Linguistic Programming, in layman terms, can be defined as the programming of the brain/mind in a language it understands.Clearly, in today’s fast paced world, creating more freedom & choice over your mindset is the benefit that you can expect from understanding NLP.

We had this extremely insightful conversation with Achla Bhardwaj, a certified NLP Practitioner on March 23,2021 & she very nicely explained the Daily Life Benefits of NLP.

Some of the questions that we asked her were as follows:

1 What is NLP. Can you elaborate it  and Can NLP help in Self Improvement?

2 Where is the application of Neuro Linguistic Programming 

3 How is NLP useful in business, leadership, and management?

4 Does NLP really work? Can you achieve results with NLP?

5 Can NLP be used for Soft skills trainers? If yes, how

6 Can you show something right now which our audience can use instantly and benefit?

7 NLP cures disorders, anxiety, hypertension, brings clarity, helps in problem solving etc. How much of this “cure” part true? What would you like to tell our viewers about it.

8  I have seen organizations holding NLP sessions for their employees and the fact of the matter is, NLP got popularity using the pictures of people walking on hot coal bed? What was that phenomenon and how it helped organizations and employees?

9  If I were to ask you that how has NLP helped Achla, what would you have to say?

Achla answered each question very patiently & guided the audience towards the right approach. Infact, besides these questions, the audience had their own questions & the answers were once again very helpful. To know all the answers or to understand the conversation on NLP & Daily Life Benefits, watch the entire episode on our YouTube channel.

Complete Episode on YouTube about NLP & Daily Life Benefits

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