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Henna Sharma
Author: Henna Sharma

In the last few months of the pandemic, I had gone into overdrive to achieve some of my goals, and I felt passionate to maintain a high level of productivity. Talking about happiness and well-being at work was so exciting that I didn’t realise it could also lead to burnout. I got caught up in a belief that I must always be doing, being, creating and that I must always give my best, be it work, family/relationships or my fitness goals. This took a toll on my health. I had to step back, reflect and rework on my priorities. Few weeks of deep introspection, inner work, solitude and I am happy to be back in action.

Sharing what I learned:

1. Pausing and giving yourself the chance to breathe will save you from deeper pain and anxiety related issues.

2. Loving yourself means giving yourself the time to heal and process. Yes, we all have different ways of defining self love/care. And we all have a different definition of the word “rest.” To some, resting is just going to a place where they can be in solitude and have time to think and rejuvenate. Others would define “rest” as spending more time with their loved ones, going on a vacation, focusing on things that will make them happy and passionate.

3. Your physiological well-being is utmost important for your psychology to work at its best. If these needs are not satisfied the human body cannot function optimally.

So when your passion for work or for your employees becomes overwhelming and time consuming it’s time to take a break or offer one. How do you manage your time and energy on extremely busy day? What’s the first thing that you will remove from your schedule if you are busy?

Do let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

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