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Script Writing is an art, a game, which if you must play, should know the rules too. And The Metaphors play an integral part in a script.

As we discussed Metaphors in Script Writing with Faizi Khan, we understood that there are 2 types of Metaphors – Static & Dynamic. She gave many examples of both these forms of Metaphors & the audience was happy as you can see from the below screenshots.

Faizi also explained the importance of Visual Metaphors & how extensively they are used in today’s world of movies, webseries etc.

Some of the questions that we asked her were as follows:

1. Since our topic for today is Metaphors in Script writing, let’s understand from you what is script writing & where all it is/can be  used?

2. Can you explain what a metaphor is in layman terms with some examples for better understanding?

3. Now since we have understood the basic definitions, what exactly does our topic ” Metaphors in Script Writing” should talk about? Please elaborate on Static & Dynamic metaphors and their usage? ( With examples – I won’t ask you the examples, please do so on your own)

4. Apart from Static & Dynamic metaphors, is there a Visual Metaphor too? If yes, can you give us a brief understanding?

5. Now since we are talking about script writing – Some scripts do get evolved to be a film or a web series. Do you think that the Director also transforms those written metaphors into a visual one or how does it work?

6. Being a storyteller & a writer yourself, will it be too much to ask you to recite a short story from your own collection? A story where you have used metaphors.

7. When we say script writing, does the same rule apply to authors when they write a book?

8. There are people who call themselves content creators however,  in this digital age(social media) everyone’s writing something or the other. Do you think learning script writing will make a significant difference for as little as drafting an email?

As always, the entire conversation has been uploaded to our YouTube Channel

Conversation on Metaphors in Script Writing

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