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Moms and dads need a break too but free time is a luxury. The daily grind of office hours and household chores eventually burns you out as a parent, affecting relationships and parent-child communications.

As a result, some parents experience feeling short-tempered while some have simply resorted to secluding themselves from family members. These are clear signs that help is needed urgently.

Expert counselors have strongly advised mindful parenting tips intended for stress-relief, improving family bonds and other relations. Here are impactful tips I can advise for all parents experiencing mental burnout.

Practice living in the moment

This mindful parenting tip of living in the moment might contradict a parent’s habit of measuring future plans and their consequences but it is necessary. Putting into practice this method will help bring yourself back to the present rather than stressing about the future, near or far. Focusing entirely on the future about what can and should not happen will get you riled up. We need to reduce its intensity. Here’s how!

Sit in an enclosed space for 10 to 15 minutes daily and observe your regular breathing, in and out. At first, physical distractions like your phone ringing, and even your mind wandering will be your uninvited guest. You need to, however, remember to consistently bring yourself back to concentrating on your breathing. Noteworthy – keep your phone switched off! It’s just a matter of 15 minutes.

Keep a check on your emotional triggers

Identify the moments when you experience an outburst of anxiety or anger-related emotions. Your child is your main priority and so you may inadvertently feel more stressed. For instance, you’re afraid that they might hurt themselves while playing outside. You may have seen them jumping on the edge of the bed and what might happen if they lose their balance. This is enough to set you off on a shouting spree. It’s natural to feel fearful and protective but you can work upon your method of responding to emotional triggers.

Take a moment to calm down and figure out what is really causing the anger. It may very simply be your fear of not being cautious enough for your child or a trigger point generated from a past experience.

Sometimes, past experiences and their effects are deeply rooted inside us and come out during such incidents. Being mindful of these moments can help you respond to a situation rather than react angrily at your child. Remember, you want your child to be surrounded by positivity and love, not fear.

So, the moment you experience a rush of emotions, remind yourself to slow down, pause, breathe, and analyze the chaos or situation around you. Now, prepare to respond and destabilize your need to react.

As a parent, you will be accompanied by countless stressful situations but maintaining sanity is key. Use the mindful parenting tips mentioned above or get in touch with us to guide you.

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