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Avneet Kohli
Author: Avneet Kohli

Avneet Kohli is an Impact & Communication Coach, Award-winning Presenter and Inspirational Speaker. With over a decade of experience hosting premium live events and television, Avneet has been the presenter of choice by reputed names such as Apple, Samsung, Amazon, L'oreal, Google and the Trump Organization. In 2015, she was awarded the title of "Best Presenter of India" by the Live Quotient Awards, the apex live talent recognition platform in India. She has served as personality development faculty in various reputed educational institutions such as the Parsons school of design in Mumbai, Mod’Art School of Fashion, Amity University and EMDI. Her passion for education and facilitating self development in others has led her to get skilled as a professional coach. As a professionally trained and experienced coach, Avneet works with her clients inside out to shift their mindset, build self-confidence, acquire soft skills and communicate with impact. For more information go onto,


We truly live in an interesting time where along with the rest of the world the communication landscape continues to evolve! Gone are the days where we traveled from one end of town to the other to meet someone. The current times have directed us towards communicating online which
comes with its own set of pros and cons.

Virtual meetings are becoming the most efficient way to hold meetings in business today as they
allow us to engage with any number of people across the world in real-time. This real-time and fast-growing way to conduct meetings is here to stay and if you are not yet exploiting this opportunity, now is the time to begin.

The fundamental base of every human interaction originates from the primal question,
“Can I trust this person?”. Several factors ranging across our personality, competence and
character influence a person to place trust in us.

The ability to influence, connect and resonate with another person in business requires a strategic
approach as technology continues to change the communication landscape.
A Citrix poll asked professionals, “What engages you in a virtual meeting?”

The most common answers were:

    • Interesting and relevant content (38%)
    • A passionate, high-energy speaker (32%)
    • Visual slides (15%)
    • Interaction with the presenter or attendees (15%)

Looking at these numbers I understand that the medium may have changed but the Human
element from any interaction cannot be surpassed. 70% of the impact whether a virtual or in

Personal interaction comes down to what you say and how you say it!

What = A well-articulated message
How = Your personality and communication style

Some of the most common mistakes I notice people making in virtual meetings are:

  • Not looking into the camera as they speak.
  • Both parties being incongruent in the mode of communication – meaning one might have video on while the other is on audio mode.
  • Not having a written flow causing inflection and uncertainty in the voice.
  • Not placing their camera at eye level reflecting an odd posture and figure of themselves
  • Not being dressed as per the environment

Here are 5 tips that I recommend will help you elevate your virtual impact:

  1. Place the camera at eye level, make sure the room is well lit and look into the camera as you speak.
  2. Dress as per your role, goal, and organization culture in hues that are contrasting to the room you will be seated in during your meetings. Avoid small patterns and fine pinstripes.
  3. Use headphones to be loud, clear and audible.
  4. Keep checking in with the other side to make sure they have seamlessly heard and understood what you have been saying.
  5. Support your conversation with relevant and engaging visuals.

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