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Author: Manish Bhatia

Certified Mindfulness Trainer

Towards the North of your body, lies a great thinker – We call it “MIND”. What, according to you, is the Mind’s Job? Yes – You guessed it right! To Think

Mind is a very professional & committed employee of your organization(read: body) & meets its KRA every single time.According to a research, it is said that an average Adult mind has over 80000 thoughts daily. Technically, it is about 8GB of data to be processed every single day. Hell of a lot to do! Isn’t it?

Now have you ever tried to analyze how many of these thoughts are adding value to your life? or simply put, are they good enough to be processed? Again, as per the research, the % of good thoughts is very less,almost negligible whereas the % of bad thoughts is also not that high, though higher than the good ones.

Read this:

So what keeps your mind occupied everyday? At times, preconceived notions, your past experiences, upbringing, bad relationships and much more. And not to forget, your daily life routine which includes commuting, peers & colleagues, your smartphone, zeal to stay ahead, cut corners sometimes to reach faster, bad mouthing,abuse & so on and so forth.

Here I would like to quote what Mark Twain said – ” I have had terrible worries in my life,most of them never happened.”

The key to de-stress yourself is to be aware of your thoughts. Awareness comes with practice & you need to learn to breathe, not only for living but to live each ounce of breath you take.

Let GO !

Whenever you have unwanted thoughts (you will recognize them when they deviate you from what you were doing at that time), just start to focus on your breath & let go of the thoughts.

Letting GO is the hardest thing, but certainly not an impossible task.

I will leave you with a small exercise that you can practice to de-stress yourself :

A graphic image displaying a coffee Mug with a straw. This is to perform an exercise to cool down the stress level

Imagine yourself drinking Coffee from a Straw – Inhale as if your drinking from the straw & exhale through the nose. Pause for a while and experience a cooler top of your tongue. Repeat this at least 5 times.

Let me know what is your Stress buster? More later.

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