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Pre-Covid or Present – Social Media has taken over our lives like never before. Everything & anything is possible and happening on Social Media. Is Social Networking Etiquette Mandatory?

Are there any responsibilities that one must be aware of while being on a virtual platform?

Social Media – A Technology, a platform that changed the entire world!Lot of Lives are dependent on Social Media as many people use it constructively – Which is a Boon!But how many of us know WHAT OUR RESPONSIBILITIES ARE?

Questions that we got the answers to

  1. To begin with, let’s understand why has social media gained prominence over the last few years? It’s impact on society in general.
  2. We have been hearing & seeing a lot of Blue Ticks lately against some profiles & they are so-called Social Media Influencers. Who decides this?
  3. Why is Social Media considered to be so powerful that it can overturn even a democratic process on a mass scale?
  4. Like everything else, social media too has it’s Pros & Cons. Separating Good from Bad comes with wisdom or by experience. In case of social media, children may be prone to misinformation but the adults too aren’t spared. How to do you really find a balance?
  5. As an individual, what is my responsibility while using Social Media?
  6. Do I have any responsibility towards social media as an institution or a company? If yes, what should I follow?
  7. Way back in 1993, a caption “On the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog” appeared in one of the publications. 30 years down the line, it still holds good as we don’t know who we are engaged with. Any tips?
  8. Digital culture has become so widespread that whatever appears on the Net, is readily accepted. Cross-check is almost nil. It is a dangerous trend. The children today believe more in the popular search engine than anything else. That is why fake news goes viral almost instantly through social media forwards. It has a cascading effect. Not only the problem is of magnitude but also in not being able to find its source also. What are your thoughts?
  9. Is there a regulatory authority or a Social Media Bill passed by the World? The point is to understand if someone is controlling the Reins of SM, what is the responsibility of that body?

Watch the video below to know all about Social Networking Etiquette

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