Manish Bhatia
Author: Manish Bhatia

Certified Mindfulness Trainer

Mindfulness matters : Some of us do know this , some have heard about it & some are completely unaware about the practice.

Yet Mindfulness matters to each one who practices.

When you practice mindfulness, it helps you to be productive at work, focused & less distracted.

Bringing you RSS feeds from other learned resources ,is an attempt to maximize your learning & hopefully you will love this initiative & the insightful journey of how mindfulness matters to those who practice.

If this initiative is able to bring an awareness about Mindfulness, we shall add more feeds to keep you abreast of the developments.

Enjoy your read, start understanding the concept & begin your practice. The benefits are waiting for you!.

This blog on Mindfulness is for you to consume the articles. Did I show you a path to some of my articles? Here you go…

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