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Today’s Day of Social Distancing

Yes,it’s testing time all over the globe because #Corona is spreading fast and #SocialDistancing is the need of hour. Fair Enough !

And many of us do not have anyone to listen to. Well, I am here to listen to you in these testing times

Different Governments are taking essential preventive measures to contain it and public #support is the only solution in sight.

The Reality of Testing Times

Now, as for #workingfromhome, the salaried are not to be worried as they probably won’t face a pay cut and they can continue to take care of their other stuff than thinking about the money.

Same is true for some of the Business houses, who still has #uninterrupted supply of money as the nature of the business is mostly #online or those businesses which have accumulated #wealth and they really don’t have to worry about the money not coming in for a few weeks.

However, there’s someone out there who had quit the job or got fired and is looking for a new assignment but alas many companies are not recruiting at this time.

Similarly, there are people who have planned to do a startup buterst now will have to wait for a while till this gets sorted.

The money is limited or less or probably not there. At such times, the stress level can increase and you may get cranky becuase you are not able to handle the situation. You will have pressure from your families to work out new things, may get into domestic fights as well.

But hey, remember this is the testing time – test of your grit, #determination#wisdom, decision making and #personality.

Mindfulness Matters

Yes, in these times, #Mindfulness & #Mediatation will work for you to keep your nerves under control but certainly won’t bring you any #money. So, while I cannot promise you money,

I have something else to offer:

1. If you want to vent out your #anger, frustration, please call me and let me be your target rather than your own families.
2. If you want to just talk to me about anything that relieves you, please feel free.
3. I am not charging anything for this.
4. I assure you that the talk will be purely #confidential.

The above is purely from the intent of supporting you pass through this #turbulence. So , do not hesitate and send me a message and we will speak to each other.

Just remember, your #stress at this time is not going to help you and will further aggravate the situation.

Remember this

If you have shortage of funds, then it’s absolutely necessary for you to stay away from any kind of stress or pressure because #medical help may be far fetched or/and would cost money and that will become your priority, which eventually you won’t want.

So stay #calm , stay positive. Have faith that everything is going to be fine very soon.

I am Available to listen to you in these testing times

You can send me a message here or connect with me on & we can surely talk to each other.

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