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Author: Manish Bhatia

Certified Mindfulness Trainer

Acceptance , whether you have to accept someone else or your own self, this is difficult. Yes, it certainly is difficult to learn the art of accepting.

Theory of art of Accepting

Let me tell you it’s a two way traffic , more like a give & take relationship because to develop or learn the art of accepting, you have to first learn to let go & the one thing that should be abandoned in the process is your EGO

If you realize, acceptance is not difficult but to shed your ego is difficult, and that makes the entire process look high hill. Fortunately, it is possible to learn to accept.

Personal Experience

Allow me to share a small incident that happened with me recently. I was in talks with a prospective client to schedule an appointment to meet & discuss. After a few back & forth email exchanges, we decided on time, venue , agenda etc.

I reached the client’s place at scheduled time & was waiting at the reception. Barely 5 minutes later, their spokesperson was in front of me informing that meeting has been cancelled.

Why? The person I was meeting got busy in something that needed urgent attention – (read my article on Paid Reality). I left the place.

To cut the story short, I met the client today & had a wonderful meeting. During our conversation, I did mention about the meeting that got cancelled at the last minute, while being present at the venue last week. I categorically mentioned that had this cancellation happened a few years ago, I wouldn’t have come back & moved on to another prospective client.

Conclusion or Takeaway

But today, it’s different because now I had put myself in your shoes to understand your perspective. And surprisingly, she mentioned that she was unsure if I would ever come back. This all was possible because Mindfulness practice helps you reach that level.

A level, where you are developing the art of having a non-judgmental attention or simply put the art of acceptance.

Black and white text on a wall about acceptance. It says to accept differences & stand proud.
Photo by Sarah Ardin on Unsplash

Beginning of a new chapter

This is the beginning of art of accepting (a difficult task) things , people & above all your own self. Take a deep breath & respond to situations like this & don’t react. In most cases, reaction brings an adverse effect on your relationship with prospective clients, family, friends & with yourself too.

Hope you not only enjoy reading but are learning new perspectives as well. You can connect with me on Linkedin, if you wish to.


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