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TNW had a brilliant & insightful conversation with professional Storytellers Shefali Chopra, Meher Gehi & Shraddha Agarwaal, on Jan 12,2021

Before the session we had so many questions in mind to ask them & they did answer to each & every question and the audience was so engaging that they were completely in awe of the storytellers.

Some of the Questions that we asked them are as follows:

  • In the last one week, I have spoken to many people(non- storyteller) and I seem to have not got an correct definition of what storytelling is all about?
  • Earlier, when we used to talk about stories, only Kids would come to our mind. Today, adults too enjoy the stories.What has changed?
  • A lot of people think making stories is easy. Do you think the same as Storyteller? What kind of a preparation do you do to tell a story?
  • I believe there are enough stories to be told. I mean to ask – How do you pick your stories?
  • Today I see a lot of people making Storytelling a Career Option.How should one go about it?

Watch the Video below to know the answers & enjoy the conversation. If you weren’t there on the Live Session, there’s a surprise for you inside.

We are bringing to you another powerful conversation on Understanding Gender Bias in Everyday Life on Jan 19,2021. Appreciate your support to our efforts.

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