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Empty Nest Syndrome isn’t a clinical diagnosis but a phenomenon.

– Many people experience this in their lifetime, some knowingly and definitely it catches a lot of people unaware.

– Have you heard about it before?

Do you want to know how it effects certain lives and what needs to be done?

We also didn’t know until we met Prita Dheer, who is researching & writing on this topic.

She has been very active in spreading awareness about ENS.

Once we started understanding the subject , our questions were keep coming in & Prita answered all the questions in great detail. Even the audience shared their own experiences about ENS, which was courageous enough for them to share on a live Conversation.
1. Empty Nest Syndrome is not a clinical  diagnosis but a phenomenon. Please elaborate on this.
2. Most often people experience ENS unknowingly. What according do you are the symptoms of ENS?
3. Is this prevalent in the corporate world too? I mean there may be times when an employee feels lonely in an organization. What impact can ENS have on the professional life?
4. What do you suggest Empty Nesters should do?
5. After hearing so much from you about ENS, why do you think it wasn’t something seriously discussed. People are still unaware. What do you have to say about this?
6. Is ENS a Mental Health issue? Who should people go for advice?

7. Impact of ENS on elders in Indian Society

8. Who according to your study & research Suffers most – Men or Women?

This conversation happened to be a power packed one with lots of insights & eye openers, which as a normal human being can be very useful going forward.

Watch the complete conversation on our YouTube Channel now.

We are bringing to you another conversation on Change Beliefs – Change Personality – Change Life on Feb 9,2021. Appreciate your support to our efforts.

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