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Why Career Counselling!

Imagine sitting at a work desk, ten years from graduation, wondering why you are not a satisfied employee of the company. Your colleagues have had more productive days at work that you could ever experience. This could be true because your boss has high expectations compared to your income, or your colleagues seem to have lesser work than you. While there may be many reasons, let’s focus on one of the most important factors that contribute to this – lack of career counselling.

How is the absence of career counselling linked to the concept of job satisfaction? Well, if you are questioning your choice of career then you may have probably skipped out on some very important sessions on selecting the right career path, hence, leading to your dismal at work.

This is, however, not only true for working adults but for students as well. As the board results are out, students are seeking admissions for higher studies. While a few students know where they are headed and have already identified their path; there are many out there still grasping for clues. What to pursue? How to pursue? And many more daunting questions that require sessions with a career counsellor.

Why Career Counselling is Important for Students

If your child is in need of a direction because he or she can’t decide their career path then knock on the door of a career counsellor. This is because your child may need some guidance in order to understand and identify the path that suits them.

Giving your child the gift of career counselling can prove to be one of the best gifts of a lifetime and they will thank you for it eternally. Here are a few valid reasons why!

Career Counselling Provides Technology-Driven Solutions

These are not just one-on-one conversational sessions. Your child will be given career assessment tests. These tests are error-free and provide an accurate estimation of the career path your child may be more inclined to. Through these tests like aptitude and personality tests, students can recognize the right skill sets they will need to build.

Guidance during Career Counselling is Based on Increased Competition

A student will be counseled based on their strengths, and weaknesses and the current skills they possess. The student can be even guided on the skills they need to still acquire and then come back for another advanced career counselling session. Note that these sessions are not just a one and done format but require more than just a few for a career counsellor to understand how to help the student choose the right career path.

Career Counsellors Guides for Education in the Right Field

There are a number of education providers out there but is the course selected right for the student? Does the student really require that course or are they just victim to the luring advertisements on how a particular course can uplift and enhance their career life? A career counsellor will help you identify the right course that will in turn help you in the long run.

Why is career counselling important for students? Connect with us to know more. Let’s hope you never find yourself sitting at a desk on a chair not suited to your abilities. You deserve to enjoy a fulfilling career with returns that can secure your future.

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