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Gender Bias can be/should be/is called as a preferential treatment to one gender over the other.

Most of the time, it is suggested and not directly expressed – implicit in #nature.So what are the examples of Gender #Bias and how does it originate and does this impact your personal & professional life?

To know all this and more, please watch the entire conversation here with DrAparna Sethi & Shruti Swaroop , who are working tirelessly to bring awareness about #Gender Bias in Everyday Life.

Some of the questions that we asked both our experts & they both handled & answered it so well that the audience just went gaga over it.

Understanding Gender Bias in Everyday Life

Some points were really eyeopeners & others were either real life examples or such relevant instances that one cannot stop thinking about them.

  • Gender Bias is often categorized into 2 main categories – Foreground( what you see) & Background (what you don’t see). Do you think Background is responsible for the foreground? If yes, how?
  • What are the common examples of discrimination in a daily life?
  • In today’s world, when we have evolved so much, are Gender Based Inequalities still prevalent? If yes, what needs to be done?
  • What do you think is your role and responsibilities as a Diversity / Inclusion coach?
  • I read this somewhere that if a husband needs to invite his friends over for a let’s say dinner, he doesn’t necessarily ask his wife but it’s not necessarily true for women. What’s your response to such a research?
  • Most of the times it’s observed that an office receptionist is a female? Is this a discrimination against men? Even the companies led by women have a female receptionist!
  • What do you mean by Equal Opportunity Employer?

Please go ahead & watch the entire conversation.

We are bringing to you another hard hitting & relevant conversation on Empty Nest Syndrome(ENS). Appreciate your support to our efforts.

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