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Working from home makes it even harder to coordinate with colleagues and employers. It’s a targeted effort that requires the same set of skills at the workplace to be applied differently at home. We’ve come up with a list of top 7 employee skills to help sustain the new work order.

They’re the same skills but how you apply these skills matter.

Let’s dive in…

Top 7 Employee Skills while Work at Home

These soft skills include abilities that can help with job sustainability during uncertain times. Among these, the first is and always will be communication, and then come to the others.

  1. Communication – Now that you are not meeting everyone in-person for obvious reasons, even the slightest of tasks when not communicated properly can lead to serious work mishaps. So, ensure that your team has the right communication tools and skills. Also, be a good listener in order to ask the right questions. Focus!
  • Time Management – You are at home and that means unavoidable distractions. Your discipline skills will be tested here. You’ll need to ensure a number of things, including the Wi-Fi, home chores, and work deadlines. Re-visit and re-align the schedule that helps you connect with both home and work responsibilities. Remember to switch off from work at a fixed hour daily.
  • Adaptability – This is a heavy element that needs to be handled carefully while working from home. This is because now there are two environments to adapt to – your job and your home life.
  • Conflict Resolution – Remember that communication in-person is restricted. This leaves us resorting to creative ways of having to talk to each other. Web and audio calls are used to create deadlines and build lasting professional relationships. It’s also used to resolve arguments that happen over the due course of time.
  • Accountability – Just how serious are you about what you do from home? Are you really working from home or are you just wasting time? You know this is what your employer is thinking. The messages you receive are like, “So, what are your work tasks for today?” This question ironically puts a halt on the trust factor. However, you cannot blame the organization for being suspicious. Just like you, they’re new to the lockdown and unlock phase as well.
  • Presentation – When you explain a concept online, you’ve got a bunch of tools to help you share your screen. This is not enough. You need to present from the perspective that they are listening to you for the first time. Remember, you are not present in-person because more than half the time, you will be saying this, “Am I audible now; can everyone hear me?” Wi-Fi issues et al.
  • Teamwork–This last skill is needed more than ever. Without this skill and communication, every workday will just be another unproductive workday. Make efforts to keep the peace and coordinate with one another so that work gets done faster and efficiently.

In conclusion, these top 7 employee skills will shape you up in times of uncertainty and for the year ahead. Work from home the smart way by learning to adopt these skills. If you need help acquiring these skills, connect with us, and get trained by the experts in soft skills coaching.

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