TNW provides a great platform where organizations who need the services of consultants, coaches,trainers, guest speakers, advisors, master trainers (to train in-house trainers), instructional designers, policy advisors etc can find the right person. I am sure business as well as HR, DE&I and talent management leaders from not only India, but from South Asia as well as the Middle East will appreciate the value that such a platform brings. I’m happy to see the TNW database growing on a daily basis in depth as well as breadth. I’m particularly delighted to see expertise on gender sensitivity, emotional health and workplace bullying/sexual harassment (POSH) prevention. As we move from canned training modules to highly interactive and customized interventions, often in the virtual space, TNW is positioned to play a very meaningful role in matching training/coaching expertise to organizations.

-Independent Consultant, POSH Enabler, DE&I Advisor
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