I think TNW has created a brilliant platform to get all the right people together. TNW’s recent launch of their webinar series (which is FREE FOR ALL) is a phenomenal way to educate, inform and provide insight on how the Trainers conduct their training sessions, to clarify certain subject matters to the audience with the help of relevant subject matter experts (“SME’s”) as well as to help upskill those people who genuinely want help! I recently conducted a panel discussion on Image Consulting with TNW and we were successfully able to clarify exactly what Image Consultants do. I think that training was very well appreciated by the audience and that is our goal as trainers.

I am definitely looking forward to attending and conducting more sessions with TNW in the near future. The team was super supportive and very approachable and that made it a pleasure to work with them.

-Certified Image Consultant,Soft Skills Trainer & TTT Trainer
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