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If we never stop learning, why should the training stop? Processes now at work have since been long automated from the simplest to the most complex of operations. Seasoned employees, however, face the challenge of reluctantly having to use the likes of emerging technologies in work processes. Many prefer sticking to traditional methods of working. Older employees perceive technology-driven processes as complicated. Organizations see it as an unnecessary training investment.

This approach of thinking has to change. First of all, we are progressing both in life span and technology. Therefore, seasoned employees are in no way as redundant as society believes them to be, especially in the workforce. In fact, a seasoned employee will offer much more to the company as compared to the younger generation on the job. If they are given technology made training as an ongoing process, their work ethic will see them through effective progress for the organization. As compared to the younger workforces, they are more professional, have a stronger work ethic, are more reliable, and are highly engaging with a lower turnover at the company.

Types of Technology-made Training for Professional Development

  1. GamificationCorporate training games is one of the most popular processes used for training purposes. Its training material has integrated milestones to be achieved as well as motivation check-points to encourage the learner to do better.
  2. Video conferencing – Clients are not only just a phone call away but are a con-call and also a video-call away. Using newer forms of communication that also effectively cancels out unnecessary travel time for making a presentation is productive. Web-hosted online training methods are used here especially if the workforce is distributed across multiple branches.
  3. Immediate Response Systems – These are automated systems that let course mentors or employers directly train employees through real-time feedback. In this system, employees are also allowed to share their feedback. This system allows data to be gathered and analyzed for revisiting corporate-training methods.

Cutting-edge corporate training technologies can better deliver employee’s skill-building requirements, be it at 24 or 60 years of age. Seasoned employees, therefore, deserve the opportunity to enhance their abilities in this day and age through technology made training tools. In conclusion, older employees can enhance their skills, develop insights, test the skills acquired and reinforce knowledge gained.

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